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Georgia State University




In 1994, Georgia State University needed a new logo to more accurately reflect its evolving student body and unique urban setting. Until then, GSU had no residential facilities and a student body mostly comprised of older commuter students who worked full-time and took evening classes. Because the existing logo was a multicolored school seal, the logo also needed to be easier and more cost-efficient to reproduce for a variety of applications, including printed materials, apparel, and signage.


A logo featuring classic symbols of Atlanta—the phoenix and the “lamp of learning” in a design that was simpler, bolder, and more effective for marketing. The iconic symbol consists of a stylized “G” and “S,” and better reflects a more youthful and international student population. It is easily reproduced in single-color applications, including glass etching, sidewalk engraving, and even chocolate embossing. The logo’s design was timeless and unique—and is still prominently displayed throughout Atlanta today!

gsu logo_blue

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