Our Process

Building Brands by Design

What’s it like to work with us? Efficient, systematic, and organized. To put it simply, we respect your time and investment. Our process not only helps your brand earn attention and credibility, but it also keeps your project running smoothly–no unnecessary delays or unpleasant surprises along the way.
Here’s what to expect:

Step One: Business Survey

How do you want customers to perceive you? Do you have a clear vision of your goals, your personality, and the core values you want to communicate?

If not, that’s okay. Our brand questionnaire helps you define all of these to ensure we’re building on a firm foundation. Everything we create for you will be based on this crucial first step.

Step Two: Research

Next, we dig deep to understand the competitive landscape. We thoroughly research your industry, competitors, and customers to position you for maximum advantage. We identify where your competitors are succeeding and where they’re falling short.

Most of all, we learn about your ideal customer—their habits, behaviors, likes, and dislikes. This relentless focus on customers, rather than our own design preferences, is the key to achieving real results.

Step Three: Logo Design

Your branding is much more than a logo, but that doesn’t mean logos don’t matter. They matter a great deal. In fact, your logo is the cornerstone of your brand.

We start by reviewing various styles and imagery based on our research, then present several options for your review. Because logos must work as multicolored or single-colored (for embossing and engraving), your first options will be black-and-white. Once you narrow down your choices, we’ll start to add color and explore its effect.

We’ll test in different sizes, formats, and applications to make sure your logo is strong and versatile, ready to carry the weight of your brand.

Step Four: Visual Branding Elements

Now that we have the perfect logo, let’s complement it with the right text and images. We’ll create a color palette and choose fonts, so you’ll always have the unified, cohesive look that defines professionalism in all your communications—social media, packaging, website, marketing collateral, and everywhere else.

This attention to detail shows potential customers that the same attention to detail goes into the products or services you offer.

Step Five: Brand Styling

With branding elements in place, we’ll combine them with your logo to create your essential visual branding items. These might include stationery, social media images, ads, marketing collateral, or packaging.

Step Six: Brand Style Guide

The next step is to create a brand style guide for you. This handy document offers all your brand assets, as well as correct and incorrect usage examples.

Your employees and contractors will have a simple, straightforward reference on hand to maintain brand consistency over time