About Me

Hi, I’m Cynthia. So glad you stopped by!

Maybe you’re starting a brand-new business but need to communicate “established,” “trusted” and “professional” to your target customers.

Or maybe you’ve been in business for a while now, but your visual branding looks a bit outdated and could stand a refresh?

I’d love to help. With decades of professional experience, I use timeless visual design to boost your credibility and communicate your value—instantly—to your target customers. Almost anyone these days can download a template or generate an inexpensive “McLogo,” but the truth is, DIY design rarely helps your bottom line. My designs are unique, timeless, and will resonate with YOUR target customers.

My Background

It all started with art. Growing up in Athens, Georgia, I was surrounded by family and teachers who encouraged me to develop my artistic abilities. Early in life, I set my sights on a career as a graphic designer. Years later, I earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from the University of Georgia, where I excelled in their prestigious graphic design program.

I learned an important lesson there, one that’s been reinforced throughout my career: Effective design is art and science. Design always depends on strategy. Otherwise, it’s just decoration.

I also learned that great design goes far beyond beautiful images, fonts, and colors. It communicates your messages and values—who you are and why that matters. It builds trust and helps customers understand why they should choose you, rather than your competitors.

I stay current with business and branding by listening to business podcasts, reading magazines like Fast Company and Inc., and even watching Shark Tank and The Profit. I’m fascinated by how brands are built and the role design plays in their success.

If you need an amazing new brand or to refresh your existing brand, fill out this brief contact form. I’ll be in touch soon to answer all your questions!

Cynthia J. Mitchell