Vaniche Skincare & Cosmetics


Vaniche Skincare & Cosmetics


Branding | Packaging

From the archives of CJMD. These branding/packaging concepts were created circa 2006. We feel it is a good representation of the timelessness of our designs.


A brand-new skincare and cosmetics line needed logo and packaging designs that would build brand awareness and establish their credibility with beauty product consumers. It was important for the product to attract the discriminating consumer and be positioned as a premium choice in the marketplace.


Three distinct design concepts were presented in limited color palettes that allowed the colors of the products to shine. We also chose the single-color look for an elegant, upscale feel. Each logo easily identified the brand without text and was flexible enough to look great at all sizes and applications, including screen-printing, embossing, and etching—even on items as small as lipstick tubes or eyeliner pencils. Each option lent itself to die-cutting, which would allow the beautiful array of product colors to be visible through the negative spaces.

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